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Why AOL Mail Support is Useful?


AOL has developed software which beat all the previous adaptation, and that is AOL 9.6. It is complete all in one web browser which allows the person to use it as a search engine, and instant messaging client for its users. You can install and setup AOL effortlessly from on the web. Now you can Download AOL Gold for Windows 10 from AOL official site.

If you have ever dreamed for application which has your all chosen web browsing qualities into only a single software, well you are lucky because that’s exactly what AOL 9.6 do for you. If you look in past, America Online has been developing similar or related type of applications for well over a years now, and they still come out very powerful. You can download latest version AOL Gold software from AOL gold download centre and enjoy every functions of AOL. With this new edition, customers get a modified look, as well as a more incorporated web surfing experience. AOL generally provides solutions in the area of dial up services, mail, instant messaging, web portal, desktop applications, web browser and software’s. AOL also provides its customer an Aol Technical helpline number from which they can take care of their problems without any trouble. AOL customers enjoy it as Aol has many facilities, extra to the mail Service from which a person can take advantage from such as AOL Gold desktop. AOL desktop gold software is a Desktop based application or a program which provides it customer an convenience to all their AOL account and e-mails. AOL Gold Software allows a person to search on web portal, read e-mail, look at the internet and handle AOL account from just only one program.

AOL desktop gold general issues that user faces

  • • Not able to download AOL Gold software.
  • • Not able to set up/ install AOL Gold Desktop.
  • • Friend list does not show up on sign-in.
  • • Not able to update to AOL Desktop gold.
  • • Accidently erased AOL gold desktop icon.
  • • AOL Gold Desktop symbol missing from window 10 pc.
  • • Buddy list isn't showing up on Apple Mac Book.
  • • Not able to find for the download file for AOL.
  • • AOL Password is wrong.
  • • AOL Mails got erased unintentionally.
  • • AOL desktop gold is infected or corrupted with the virus.
  • • AOL user name is wrong or not working.
  • • Not able to discover AOL Gold Desktop Download link.

Pros of AOL Desktop 9.6

  • • Better looking.
  • • Faster than previous one.
  • • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  • • Integrated internet browsing experience.
  • • Easy to use
  • • Additional features

Cons of AOL Desktop 9.6

  • • Start-up requires a lot of personal information.
  • • Nothing innovative.
  • • Frequently crashes and freezes up.
  • • Software Installation can be hard.
  • • High disk usage on the computer.

  • AOL 9.6 certainly not has done anything new, but for faithful America Online users, it's been a decent change.